Our Mission

Multiply the charitable dollars available for the benefit of those most in need of life’s basic services.

From President Barack Obama

“With gratitude, I want to applaud your launching of Taking it to the Streets. With our government’s ongoing financial challenges, the implementation of new, creative means of raising revenues for our fellow countrymen in need is of paramount importance.”   — Barack Obama

1 in 6 Americans Suffer in Poverty In Need of Food, Shelter, Basic Medical Attention 100% of your Donation will help those in Need (minimum) All donations stay Local to the donor’s community Over 16 million Suffering in Poverty are Children Donations will be received by those in need in 14 days (or less)

About Us

Taking it to the Streets was formed as an independent, not-for-profit, nascent marketing, advertising, fundraising, and sponsorship organization whose express objective is to leverage the key elements of “for profit” revenue generating models.


Why Our Work Matters

Simply put, Taking it to the Streets “multiplies” the power of the individual philanthropic contributions.


Multiplication Philanthropy

Leverage is our basic philan-thropic mantra. Conventional wisdom and processes in fundraising squanders the real and massive potential of community based fundraising.


Poverty Facts

  • 49.7 million live in poverty
  • 16.1 million are children
  • There has been a 76% increase in homelessness since 2007
  • 49.9% of Americans have no medical insurance
  • 25% of seniors declare bankruptcy due to medical expenses